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Payment Protection Insurance was a policy issued by banks, finance companies, credit cards companies, car dealerships and other such companies.

It may also be known as credit insurance or loan repayment insurance. The purpose of the insurance was to cover loan or credit payments should the policy holder be unable to work through redundancy, a serious accident or medical illness. The policy would usually cover 12 months of the financial agreement.

If you have had any financial product such as loans credit cards or mortgages between 2000 and 2011, then the chances you have been sold this type of cover is high.

    • If you were told you had to have the insurance in order to obtain finance.
    • The Payment Protection Policy was applied without your consent.
    • Your employer provided full sick pay, redundancy cover or income protection.
  • If you were never asked about pre-existing medical conditions.

PPI could have been applied to many financial products such as:

    • Mortgages
    • Personal Loans (secured and unsecured)
    • Credit Cards
    • Hire Purchases (automobiles, caravans, laptops etc…)
  • Store Cards (Topshop, Next, Marks & Spencer)

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