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Packaged Bank Accounts is a bank accounts which offers a range of additional benefits, such as breakdown cover, holiday insurance and mobile phone insurance, in some cases even better rates on overdrafts and loans, for a monthly fee, usually between £3 – £25.

Packaged Bank Accounts have been highly profitable for the lenders over the last 30 years and have been used to produce additional income from consumers already using a current account. 

In 2012 the FCA launched an investigation and determined consumer must be given the opportunity to make a claim for a full refund of the fee paid, plus statuary interest. 

So how do you know if you have a potential claim?

    • Was you told to take a Packaged Bank Account to apply for an overdraft? 
    • Did the lender automatically upgrade your account without making you aware?
    • If you have not used the benefits from the account which you pay for and have no need for them.
    • Did you already have cover elsewhere and the lender did not conduct the correct due diligence?

How do you know what to look for?

    • Bank statements where you see a monthly fee being charged by the lender. 
    • Words such as, Premium, Reward, Gold, Silver Account on your statements.

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